lina alorabi


lina x sirocco exhibition

The Lina Alorabi debut collection is a special collaboration between Sirocco Gallery and Alorabi to highlight contemporary, unique interior designs that take into account the needs of Egyptian homes and highlights quality and intricate Egyptian craftsmanship. It will include pieces commissioned by Sirocco Gallery and Alorabi’s own work.

“I aim to create pieces that are very comfortable for people, have good quality and a unique spirit,” says Alorabi. “I would describe this collection as inspired by Egypt and it’s craftsmen but with more modern aesthetics and functions.”

The collection will be limited to a maximum quantity of 10 pieces for each design to ensure uniqueness of the designs and truly reflect the hand-crafted nature of the collection.

Alorabi is collaborating with Faragh Designs to ensure quality manufacturing and a trusted quality in each piece.

Because the utmost focus is on quality of the furniture, the exhibition will showcase the intricate design and execution of the collection through prototypes. The prototypes will show the visitors how each piece was manufactured at different stages and the thorough measures taken to ensure quality, durability and comfort.